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Talk about the world’s greatest beer culture and the name Bavaria immediately springs to mind. Join us on a journey along the beer land and raise a toast to the golden liquid.

I knew I was in paradise the moment I saw fresh beer being poured in a microbrewery right inside the arrival terminal at Munich airport. I wasn’t surprised for Germany is a land with a deep association with beer and the state of Bavaria has the highest number of breweries. My love for the easy quaffing German beers made me keen to explore the beer land Bavaria beyond the maddening realms of the Oktoberfest. Overcoming my obvious temptation for the fresh beer at the airport, I wobbled towards the rail connection to an unusual destination to beat my jetlag-a garden.


In olden days beer was stored in cellars that kept the drink cool during summers. To provide insulation for the cellar, chestnut trees were planted on the landscape that covered the cellars. Eventually these trees burgeoned into gardens under whose shade many have enjoyed picnics with beer. The solution to the jet lag was the Augustiner beer garden.

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